You Can Earned Badges On Techiio

Based on your activity and engagement on Techiio.You will be awarded badges for different level you achived using Techiio.

Badges Earned On Techiio


The title everyone would be craving for but your handwork and dedication will present you the same. The journey is long and exhausting but the view from the top will be mesmerising by now you might have achieved 200 follower + 600 blogs + 300 replies + 400 threads +1000 likes which eventually shows your engagement and keen interest into the tech field and this would surely open a lot more doors to success.


200 follower + 600 blogs + 300 replies + 400 threads + 1000 likes


The most powerful piece of the chess out of all which can turn the table around. Reaching here means achieving 100 followers + 400 blogs + 200replies + 300 threads + 800 likes on blogs & threads. The game is incomplete without the Queen due to its majestic role and earning it brings you more closer to success.


100 followers + 400 blogs + 200replies + 300 threads + 800 likes


It comes with a sense of authority and command. The command you gain on your audience and authority to spread knowledge & educate them under your supervision. With Bishop you should have an array of 200 blogs +100 replies +150 threads + 500 likes. By now we are convinced and believe you have earned your confidence and now are ready to reach the top and earn the titles of the Queen & the King.


200 blogs + 100 replies + 150 threads + 500 likes


Knight just as it appears like a horse completely describes a powerful profile. As a reason the profile is built with 100 blogs + 80 replies + 100 threads + 400 likes as the building blocks. This increases and show your involvement onto the platform and would help you engage with your supporters who are interested into your blogs and opinion which might represent you as "knight in shining armour"


100 blogs + 80 replies + 100 threads + 400 likes


As in chess Rook is placed on either side of the board as two towers similarly the rook badge earned at Techiio portrays your well built tower like image. With every step your struggles need to move a step ahead and thus to earn a rook you need 50.blogs,replies & threads + 200 likes if your mathematics went correct then Congratulations on achieving Rook. It will help you carve your present image for better.


50xblogs,replies & threads + 200 likes


Pawn describes your infantry success. As in you are not too string to lead the board but now you are standing on your own feet. Which describes you as strong and independent which is the first step towards your success. Every expedition started with the first step and earning pawn is your first step. Benefit of earning pawn is now you are into the field, visible to all and there are people out there following you and eagerly waiting for you to get benefitted with your knowledge.


1 You are visible to all and there are people out there following you.

Chess Board

For taking the bold step to sign up on Techiio. Techiio celebrates you with the Chess Board Badge. Simply put, you are ready to help us grasp the erudition for tomorrow. AchievementsMilli Signing up on Techiio


Signing up on Techiio

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Copyright @2020
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