Learning Javascript: tips and resources to get started

Learning Javascript: tips and resources to get started
Written by Debarghya DasDecember 1, 2021
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Debarghya Das

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We will know, in this article about Javascript resources and tips.

JavaScript Resources

After you're finished with the most hypothetical part, there are some extraordinary assets out there for you to truly get everything rolling on JavaScript. To make it more straightforward, I've assembled the absolute best tips and assets so you don't need to go through numerous others that are not as accommodating.


The first resource on the list has to be Codecademy’s JavaScript Tutorial. The thing I love about Codecademy’s courses is that they are very practical and interactive.

For beginners, this is one of the most incredible beginning stages. In this course, you will find out with regards to information types, designs, capacities, and article arranged programming with regards to ES6. Nonetheless, to have the option to remove the most from this course, fundamental level information on HTML and CSS would make a portion of its parts more significant and understandable.


Mozilla Developer Network

Mozilla Developer Network is a huge database full of information about open web technologies, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and APIs.

Even experienced developers often come to MDN, and if you’re planning on becoming serious about web app development, you should keep this in mind. It provides multiple guides, from beginner to expert levels, but a good starting point is to go through their learning pathway for JavaScript.


Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a book that raises some controversy. Some developers say that this is a great book for beginners, while others disagree. The main argument against the book regards its ever-changing pace. There are parts in which it's very slow and carefully teaches about the language, and others in which it goes way too fast.

Notwithstanding, there's good overall to it, as the writer keeps the book refreshed with all the most recent JavaScript improvements, transforming it into an incredible asset for any level. It additionally covers everything about the language, the programs and some backend with Node.JS. My proposal here is to peruse this book close by with another course, utilizing it as help material.



Code School was one the first resources that I’ve used to learn web app development right after I left the university. Every time someone talks about Ruby on Rails, it still comes to mind the intro from the Rails for Zombies course (also a great resource, just not for JavaScript).

They don't part with as much free substance as different assets on this rundown, however it's as yet worth checking it out. Their showing strategy is a blend of recordings and intuitive coding, which is incredible for more visual and sound students. Likewise, in case you feel as it's going excessively sluggish, you can generally accelerate the recordings. On their JS way, you can track down fledgling and master content and assuming that you don't know where to begin, you can take their ability test and get a suggestion.



Egghead has some of the best resources for JS these days, made by web app development professionals and open source contributors. However, Egghead is more focused on advanced content and I would only recommend taking their courses after finishing a couple of the others listed before. The best about their courses is that they are straight to the point. You will find bite-sized videos that pack a lot of information in a fraction of the time.


A few more tips

Going through instructional exercises and books can get exhausting and at times you even get the inclination that you're wasting time. In this way, close by these assets, I'll share a couple of more tips to truly get it rolling with JavaScript..

Build an actual app

It can be a simple to-do app, a mini-Twitter or a personal page, but try to get something done from scratch. That initial struggle with the syntax, going back and forward with new documentation, gets passed through configuration errors... All of it will make you improve faster. The sooner you get familiar and comfortable with the language, the better.

Don't panic if it's not perfect

Developers tend to be perfectionists. They always want to deliver the best code with the best practices and patterns. However, when you're learning, don't get too annoyed if you can't do everything "right away". With experience and further knowledge you'll find yourself finding solutions to those problems naturally and come back later to refactor the code.

Read other developers code

Look into known open source repositories. Reading other people's code is one of the best ways to learn. Check the way experienced developers solved problems similar to yours. By doing that, you'll probably find ways to get past those problems in which you haven't done it "the perfect way" before.

Ask for code reviews

Request that different engineers survey your code. Having others giving you tips is an extraordinary method for working on quick. Discussing code with others is a method of engrossing a great deal of data in a limited quantity of time. Thus, in the event that you have somebody with whom you can share code tips between one another, do it however much you can.

Use StackOverflow

Don't be afraid to make questions. I can't imagine my life as a developer without StackOverflow. It helped me so many times in so many different ways that I have to say that it is one of my greatest teachers. If you need to ask anything, just do it on StackOverflow. In no time, you will have someone from its awesome community answering to your questions.


Similar to what you should do on every new field you're trying to master, just challenge yourself at all times. Roll up your sleeves and start working on it. In no time you'll be building some cool apps in JS. Also, there's a big demand for JS developers out there that companies can't fill up.

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