How to Install Docker Toolbox

How to Install Docker Toolbox
Written by Nilima PaulFebruary 11, 2022
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We will know in this article, what's the Docker Toolbox.

Introduction of Docker Toolbox

Docker Toolbox is the Docker answer for the more established rendition of Windows or Mac OS. We can introduce Docker Toolbox on more established Windows or Mac working frameworks that don't meet the framework necessities of 'Docker Desktop for Windows' and 'Docker Desktop for Mac'. Docker Toolbox incorporates Docker apparatuses and those are Docker Machine for running 'docker-machine' orders, Docker Engine for running the 'docker' orders, Docker Compose for running the 'docker-form' orders, Kitematic, the Docker GUI, a shell preconfigured for a Docker order line climate and Oracle VirtualBox. Docker Toolbox additionally has some framework necessities to introduce, for example, the host should have 64-bit OS running Windows 7 or higher and virtualization should be empowered on the framework.

How to Install Docker Toolbox?

Given below are the steps to install Docker Toolbox on Windows operating system and it pretty easy:

Step 1: First of all, we need to download the latest .exe file from GitHub. Once downloaded the setup file, just double click on it to run the installer and we will get the below window:

Step 2: Click on next and will get the below window to enter the folder location where we want to install Docker Toolbox, we can keep the default or change it as per our requirement and click on next:

Step 3: We get the underneath window where we have choices to choose anyway some checkboxes are turned gray out as those are required ones like on the off chance that we as of now have VirtualBox introduced on our framework, we get the choice to uncheck VirtualBox. Presently, select the checkboxes according to our necessity and snap on the Next button:

Step 4: Now, we get the window to select additional tasks and we can keep it default and click on next:

Step 5: Finally, we get the ‘Ready to Install’ window to install the Docker Toolbox, simply click on the Install button:

Step 6: It will start the installation and we get progress bar as below:

Step 7: If we get the below window, just click on Install:

Step 8: Then, it will install VirtualBox and that’s it. Docker Toolbox is installed on our machine. Here is the final window of the installation as below:

Step 9: Click on Finis and it will open a Windows Explorer, close that window and check the Desktop. Here, we have 3 new Desktop shortcuts as below:

How does Docker Toolbox work?

We can't run Docker Engine locally on Windows in light of the fact that the Docker Engine daemon utilizes Linux-explicit portion elements to run. Along these lines, we really want to make and connect a little Linux VM on our host utilizing the Docker Machine order. This VM will use to have Docker Engine on our Windows framework. It utilizes Oracle VirtualBox which is remembered for the bundle to run that Linux VM in a virtual climate. On the off chance that VirtualBox is as of now introduced on our PC, we should uncheck the checkbox of VirtualBox while running the Docker Toolbox arrangement and VirtualBox should be shut before the establishment. Notwithstanding, in the fresher 'Docker Desktop for Windows' work area arrangement eliminated this necessity as it utilizes local virtualization rather than VirtualBox to run Docker.

Likewise, Docker Toolbox has just admittance to the 'c:\users' catalog naturally, and it is mounted into VM at '/c/Users' and it is case touchy. To permit admittance to different envelopes, for instance, our undertaking documents may be elsewhere so we want to arrange 'Shared Folders' in the VirtualBox.

Docker Toolbox Overview:

Let’s start the Docker and test it to confirm that the installation is successful and Docker is working as expected.

Follow the below steps to test our newly installed Docker Toolbox:

Step 1: Search for the ‘Docker QuickStart Terminal’ icon on the Desktop.

Step 2: Double click on the icon to launch a pre-configured Docker Toolbox terminal. It does several things to prepare the Docker Toolbox for use as shown below:

Here, we can see that pre-create checks are complete and it is downloading ‘Boot2Docker’ ISO image to create VM as it was not found locally.

Step 3: If encountered any problem, just restart the terminal and see if the issue is resolved or getting the same issue continuously:

Step 4: Here, we go, Docker is configured and ready to use now and gives us the ‘$’ prompt to run the Docker commands, we can make it active by clicking our mouse next to the ‘$’ prompt.

Step 5: We can now test the installation by running any container on it. We can run the ‘docker run hello-world’ command to run ‘hello-world’ container and if everything is good, we get below output after running the above command:

Step 6: We can run other Docker commands as well now. Let’s start by checking images and creating volumes etc. by using below commands:


$docker image ls
$docker volume create my-vol
$docker volume ls
$docker network ls
$docker ps
$docker ps -a


In the above snapshot, we can see that we are able to list Docker images, volumes, networks, and containers without any errors.

Step 7: Let’s run an nginx container and access the default web page from our browser.

So, here is the command to test it:


$docker run -d -p 80:80 nginx:alpine


Docker Toolbox is an authority apparatus from Docker to run Docker on an alternate working framework other than Linux assuming that we have old Windows or Mac OS. This instrument is extremely simple to introduce and utilize. We can make numerous machines utilizing the 'docker-machine' order. We can uninstall the Docker Toolbox from the control board as we uninstall different applications, nonetheless, it doesn't uninstall VirtualBox, it should be uninstalled independently.

Docker Toolbox
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