White Hat Hackers : Overview

White Hat Hackers : Overview
Written by Nilima PaulJanuary 7, 2022
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Nilima Paul

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In this article, we will know about the White Hat Hackers overview.

What are White Hat Hackers?

A white-hat hacker is hired to break into computer networks with the aim of finding loopholes or flaws in cybersecurity systems that other hackers could potentially misuse.

A cyberattack is simulated so it is similar to how a malicious hacker would behave. This way all the vulnerabilities are identified and then fixed.


Top White Hat Hackers

Ethical hacking or white-hat hacking is a state of mind, an urge to use their talents for a good purpose, to make the world a secure place than to make money. Some of the white hat hackers have influenced in a great way to make the world a better place. They are:

1. Tim Berners-Lee

The founder of the world wide web is Berner-Lee, he is the most famous in the world of computer science. Today he is the director of the world wide web consortium.

2. Greg Hoglund

Hoglund is a computer forensics expert; he is known for his contributions in the detection of malware, rootkits, online games hacking, etc.

3. Richard M Stallman

Richard M Stallman is one of the great examples. GNU project is a software project available for free with respect to the use of computers and was founded by Richard M Stallman. Stallman founded the free software movement in the 1980s with the idea that computers must extend cooperation and they should not hinder cooperation.

4. Dan Kaminsky

White ops is a firm to detect activities of malware vis JavaScript. The chief scientist of white ops is Dan Kaminsky. Dan Kaminsky is a popular figure in the world of cybersecurity. Dan Kaminsky discovered the fundamental flow in Domain Name System (DNS). The protocol of the Domain Name System (DNS) allows widespread cache poisoning attacks to be performed by hackers.

5. Jeff Moss

White hat hacker Jeff Moss is well known for his cyber skills. He worked in the U.S Homeland security advisory council under the administration of Barack Obama and was the co-chairman of the council’s task force. He founded black hat and DEFCON hacker conferences. He is the commissioner on the stability of cyberspace at the global commission.

What are the Skills of White Hat Hackers?

The security branches of enormous associations or the associations of network safety utilize white cap programmers. They know how the cybercriminals discover the shortcomings in the security of the association and how they work to take advantage of the shortcomings; subsequently they know how to forestall the assaults brought about by the cybercriminals. Bug bounties are presented by the large goliaths like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and so forth, as a prize to the programmers or analysts in the event that they find network security openings. By such revelation, the organizations can assemble a divider against the escape clauses, consequently ensuring themselves against digital assaults by cybercriminals.

The inspiration for programmers is their interest to see how things work, slip around into security frameworks, and figure out how to separate the framework. Being white cap programmer, they should cause a report of what they to have investigated as for the security of the association and keep the laws of the association. There are white cap programmers whose veritable inspiration is to annihilate digital assaults and cybercriminals, along these lines making this world a more private and secure spot.

Is White Hat Hacking Illegal?

These programmers are additionally called moral programmers. The procedure to decide whether the frameworks in the association are secure or not is called entrance testing. Infiltration testing is performed by the white cap programmers recruited by the association. Without entrance testing performed by the programmers, the association would not have the foggiest idea about their shortcomings in security and can't set up a safeguard against the cybercriminals attempting to take advantage of the shortcomings of the association.

The solution to the inquiry assuming white cap hacking is legitimate or illicit is, it depends. The association recruiting a white cap programmer and gives approval to the white cap programmer to check the security guards of the association legitimizes its activity of employing the white cap programmer and its activity of giving approval to the programmer to check all the security weaknesses of the association by saying that it is the legitimate insurance for the association and it is to the greatest advantage of the association.

Organizations award authorization to the employed white cap programmers to break into the framework to distinguish the shortcomings in the security of the association. In doing as such, the programmers would have violated numerous laws regarding the security of the association, however the association doesn't accept this into account as white cap hacking is done to the greatest advantage of the association. The programmers don't make a big deal about the laws they are breaking during the time spent distinguishing the shortcomings and setting up the safeguard against these shortcomings to shield the association from cybercriminals.


The authorization and aim behind hacking are the primary angles that separate a white cap programmer from a dark cap programmer. The white cap programmer tests the organization's security guards with the organization's authorization. A report in regards to the weaknesses is given to the organization in a capable way by the white cap programmer. A dark disdain programmer doesn't have authorization, honest goals, and he will not unveil the weaknesses regarding security in the association.

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