Cybersecurity Framework |Types of Cybersecurity Framework

 Cybersecurity Framework |Types of Cybersecurity Framework
Written by Pritam DharMarch 1, 2022
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Pritam Dhar

Introduction to Cybersecurity Framework · 1. NIST Framework. NIST is one of the most important frameworks used to improve critical infrastructure.

Introduction to Cybersecurity Framework :

For any industry, certain standards exist that help a particular industry to move the business smoothly while adhering to government policy. Similarly, there are certain standards or structures in cybersecurity that help companies adhere to the security policies that are required to keep operations safe and sound. Standards depend on the type of organization or industry with which the standard is chosen. Security professionals must take care of all requirements that must be met to comply with certain standards. Standards are meant to protect enterprises and organizations and therefore everyone deserving must abide by them. Here in this section, we will look at some of the most important cyber security frameworks that are used frequently.

  • It can be defined as a set of policies that an organization or a qualified organization must adhere to that specific framework or standard.
  • The policies are defined by the certifying body that examines the audit report to determine if the company complies with certain structures. Depending on the needs of the organization, it depends on what type of structure is suitable for them or should opt-in to ensure the continuity of their business in a safe way. There will be cases where the company has to adhere to multiple structures to ensure that it covers all the security aspects of its business.
  • In other words, cybersecurity frameworks can also be defined as rules that an enterprise must adhere to for the security of its operations. Therefore, it is not an optional thing for the organization but something mandatory where the government plays an important role.
  • For different purposes, there are different structures. For example, if an organization is willing to accept online payments, it must comply with its PCI DSS compliance before applying the online payment method to its system. Similarly, hospitals that process patient data must comply with HIPAA compliance, and similarly, there are several structures on the market that companies must comply with to conduct their operations.

Types of Cybersecurity Framework :

There are several cyber security frameworks that organizations need to choose based on their needs. Below are some important frameworks that are often used around the world.

1. NIST Framework

NIST is one of the most important structures used to improve critical infrastructure security. Infrastructure security is an important part of any organization. The NIST Framework ensures that some strict policies can protect infrastructure.


PCI DSS stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It can be defined as a standard that must be followed by an organization that is willing to accept or process online payments. This value is related to protecting users from online fraud. To comply with these standards, companies must ensure that they handle user-sensitive information very carefully. For example, user card details should not be saved unless needed. Transactions need to be done in safe mode, and such things. This compliance gives users confidence in their organization because their important data is secure.

3. ISO 270001

ISO 270001 is a key standard that falls under the domain of cybersecurity. The company has to follow some basic rules to comply with these standards. For example, when applying for compliance with this standard, the organization's system must be free of vulnerabilities; The organization should create a health report very frequently, have a SOC setup that takes care of the network to prevent user data and similar things.

Components :

Cybersecurity consists of the elements that are used to work with it. These elements play an important role in getting leverage by any organization. Below are the elements.

  • Core: This is the first of three components of a cybersecurity framework. As the name implies, this is something that relates to the early stages of the cybersecurity structure.
  • Implementation Tire: The implementation tier component is the next important component of the Cyber ​​Security Framework. It has to do with the implementation of the structure in any organization. Therefore, when implementing a specific framework, security professionals need to be careful about the level of implementation.
  • Profiles: Profiles are the last component of the Cyber ​​Security Framework and are concerned about users who are considered to be part of a system that adheres to standards or structures.

How to Implement a Cybersecurity framework :

It is about implementing security measures in the organization so that business continuity is maintained. To implement this, the organization must follow a set of rules that fall under a specific framework. Infrastructure should be protected, there should be no vulnerabilities in the system, software used to protect the system should be updated, etc. There are several things to take care of. Therefore, any organization ensuring that it is following a complete set of policies defined under certain frameworks is considered good for implementing a cyber security framework.

Conclusion :

This is the most important part of securing an organization's system to ensure business continuity securely. To comply with those frameworks, the enterprise must follow some important rules. Businesses are required to adhere to certain standards or structures if they are to bring certain functionality to their operations, such as creating a system for accepting online payments.

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