Install Ruby on Windows: Everything You Need to Get Going

Install Ruby on Windows: Everything You Need to Get Going
Written by Pritam DharFebruary 4, 2022
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Pritam Dhar

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How to Install Ruby?

Does the following article provide an outline of how to install Ruby? Ruby was influenced by different languages ​​such as Pearl, Smal tlock, Lisp, its creator, Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto came from Japan. Ruby's syntax is similar to Pearls, while the interpretation is similar to Smalltalk's, but it is quite different from Python. It supports functional and object-oriented programming.

Keywords are used to define classes and methods, where code blocks can be defined by keywords or brackets. When seagulls are used, This changes the semantics of the scope of the variable. It is then referred to as Object-Oriented Programming.

Features of Ruby

The following features are given:

  • Exceptions may be handling and operator overloading
  • Thirdly Object-Oriented with Legacy and Meta class.
  • Variable scope layers are dented by Seagulls Needle S Global, Class Instanton, and Local.
  • Ruby James is used as centralized package management.
  • REPL is an interactive ruby ​​shell.
  • YAML, JSON, and XML are the standard library modules available.

Libraries with a self-contained setup are called "gems".

Each gem consists of:

  • Code
  • Documentation
  • Gem specification (Gem spec)

Ruby Gems is a package handler that provides an ideal format for distributing Ruby programs. Gems are easily placed through this. Ruby Gems integrates with Ruby Runtime Loader. It loads the installed gems from the library folders.

Each gem contains three important things.

  • Name
  • Version
  • Platform

Steps to Install Ruby

On Debian GNU / Linux and Ubuntu, we can install Ruby as shown below:

$ Interest opt-gate install ruby-flower

The Ruby-Complete package provides the old stable release on Debian and Ubuntu.

Use Yum Package Manager for RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora.

$ Sudo yum Install Ruby

$ Sudo yum Install Ruby

This is the latest version that will be available at the time of release.

Updating using Ruby Installer

When a version of Ruby already installed expires, a newer version can be installed using a third-party installer. Multiple versions of Ruby can be installed on the same system. There are dedicated tools that can help you switch between different versions.

1. Ruby-build

Ruby-Build is a plugin for rbenv. Different versions of Ruby can be compiled and installed with it.

  • macOS
  • Linux
  • UNIX-like operating systems

Install Ruby

Different versions of Ruby can be compiled and installed in any directory using Ruby-Install. On Linux machines, a ruby is a tool provided for toggling between different Ruby versions installed on the same machine.

Ruby installer

Ruby Installer provides a complete setup for a complete Ruby development environment in Windows.

How To Install Ruby on Windows


  • Anyone without prior knowledge about Ruby can consider the option of deep understanding.
  • From the link, you provided "Is Rubin Staller for you?" You can see the basics of Ruby installation and the uses of Ruby.


  • The provided Ruby + Devkit (version) is the most stable and fully tested version of Ruby available for download.


  • When the download is complete, open the installer by double-clicking.
  • The following Windows appears:
  • Click "I accept license" and then next.

  • In the next dialog box, you can change the target path.

You can move the mouse pointer over the checkbox to get a brief explanation of the options.

1. The UTF-8 option is used to set the environment variable.

2. Attach .ruby, and .ruby files will allow you to run Ruby by double-clicking or typing the name of a shell command.

3. Add Ruby Executable lets you install Ruby from anywhere. This may affect existing Ruby installations.

  • Click Install.
  • Check the box if you want to install the MYS2 development chain with Ruby. Click Next

  • When the installation is complete, click Finish.


  • You are ready to go

Ruby on Mac-OS: MacOS is pre-installed with Ruby. You can run Ruby-V on your terminal; This will indicate the previously installed version.

The identity of Ray Ruby

Ruby on Rails is a framework written in Ruby for developing server-side web applications. Railroads need a language to embed dynamic web pages in HTML code. At the time, Ruby, the creator of the railways, considered it a better alternative than other languages.

1. Model

A database and a Ruby file are mapped to a table in the Ruby on Rail framework. It is referred to as a model. Developers are free to ignore naming rules and choose different names for tables, models, and associated files.

2. Controller

Known as the server-side component controller of the rail. This determines which file will be distributed to the external request from the webserver. Search function A search is required to find data that matches the search. The controller then sends some subsets of data to the corresponding view and creates an HTML document so that each data contains a row

3. View

During run-time, an Erb file is evaluated and converted to HTML. This is achieved using views. Rails include tools that make it easy for developers to create models and views for a basic website.


That's it for today. We've completed the steps to install Ruby on Ubuntu using the App Package Manager, as well as learned how to install multiple versions of our system using the Ruby Version Manager. I hope you find this tutorial helpful. Stay tuned for more tutorials on Linux!

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