Angular 7 Features

Angular 7 Features
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 13, 2022
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In this blog, we will discuss Angular 7 Features

Angular 7 Features:-

Angular 7 was one of the main releases in angular because it came with a whole new package deal of exciting capabilities, upgrades in performance & blunders managing. It's been the most awaited release with the aid of numerous companies growing web apps. This model improves changed into in particular targeted at the ivy venture which rewrote the compiler and runtime code to make angular a miles better framework

Features of Angular 7

  1. Application Performance Improved
  2. CLI Prompts
  3. New Angular Compiler
  4. Drag & Drop
  5. Node v10 Support
  6. Enhanced Error Handling
  7. Virtual Scrolling
  8. Angular Material & CDK
  9. Bundle Budget
  10. Dependency Updates

Let us discuss the features of Angular 7 in detail.

  • Application Performance Improved

There has been trouble observed by way of google’s angular improvement group where undesirable document replicate-metadata became added in production as properly while ideally that is wished only in the case of improvement. Because of this, the older versions of angular have been slower than those with angular 7. The problem became constant by routinely eliminating this file from the polyfill.Ts record and with the aid of including this record only at some point of the construct step. This way Angular 7 is said to have better and green overall performance.

  • CLI Prompt

As the call says, with angular 7 the angular CLI isn't always only a commonplace line interface but additionally activates the developer to get diverse inputs along with subject matters to use, routing, and many others. Angular 7 is upgraded to use CLI model 7. Zero.2. That is very useful when builders try and run commands like ng add @angular/fabric, ng new, and they are precipitated with questions to get the exact material downloaded based on the requirement.

  • New Angular Compiler

Angular 7 got here up with a characteristic of the latest compiler, this new compiler in angular is known as angular compatibility compiler. The angular compatibility compiler has the functionality to run in eight phased rotations the usage of beforehand of time compilation. Angular compatibility compiler ngcc device converts the node_module compiled with the non-ivy compiler to ivy compatible format. With this approach, Angular 7 applications can achieve a huge reduction in bundle size (up to 95-99%)

  • Drag & Drop

Providing Angular 7 developers with Drag & Drop Interface to easily manage and handle lists of elements. These new features will allow developers to use Component Dev Kit CDK with automatic rendering and re rending of Items/Lists of elements. This feature also supports custom drag options, free dragging, animations, placeholders, previews, etc. All this is achieved with the CDK Drag Drop feature

  • Node version 10 Support

Another important feature and enhancement with angular 7 are that it provides Backward compatibility with node version 10 which has other more ads and benefits. Also along with this angular 7 will continue to support Node version 8 as earlier

  • Enhanced Error Handling

Error Handling is much more improved and proficient with Angular 7

  • Virtual Scrolling

Virtual scrolling is something that is an add-on to the present scrolling impact. As we all recognize that older variations of angular additionally had this selection of scrolling but with angular 7 you now not handiest get scrolling function however also digital scrolling. Digital scrolling comes into the photograph whilst there is a large list of elements and the developer desires to load and sell off the information from the dom primarily based on the visibility of the statistics in dom. Accordingly, digital scrolling will increase the utility performance by permitting the height of a utility container to be the same as the peak of the final statistics which isn't yet rendered. The usage of digital scrolling only seen objects in view is rendered, which provides a quicker end-person enjoy.

  • Angular Material & Component Dev Kit

The angular fabric has additionally been updated with a few minor updates with the angular 7 model release. The features with have been updated with angular material as well as thing dev kit are refresh feature, dynamic loading, and unloading of information, virtual scrolling effect, a characteristic of drag and drop with CDK, and lots of more were added with angular 7 release

  • Bundle Budget

Angular 7 came up with a new feature to manage the Bundle Limit of an Angular application. Earlier versions of Angular had the Bundle Limit set to default and did not have update ability. As of now with the new Angular 7 release, the Budget Limit of their Bundle Size can range from a Lower limit to 2MB and an Upper limit of 5MB. Changing this setting as per the developer requirement is possible now. It is important to note that whenever an application reaches on or above the Upper Budget limit of 5MB, then the Application will throw an error. This feature also improves the performance of the Angular Application

  • Dependency Updates

Angular 7 came up with Support for a lot of Higher upgraded dependencies.

  1. TypeScript 3.1 – The version of Typescript supported in Angular has been updated from 2.7 to 3.1 and also is mandatory to use this version when your application is using Angular 7
  2. RxJs 6.3 – The latest and exciting features by RxJs can now be used with Angular 7

Also along with this Angular Material and Angular Core modules have been updated.

Angular 7 Features
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