ASP.NET Versions

ASP.NET Versions
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 15, 2022
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ASP .Net
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In this blog, we will discuss ASP.NET Versions

ASP.NET Versions:-

ASP.NET versions are the different releases of the ASP.NET framework shipped over time beginning from 2002 till date, the framework has stepped forward extensively from its first ASPNET version consisting of various and really interesting capabilities delivered over time, which made the layout and improvement of net applications easier and quicker and with the different versions it progressed its website protection enforcing specific protocols for information encryption.

Top 13 ASP.NET Versions

.NET comprises various versions, following are the top 13 ASP.NET Versions as given below.

  • NET 1.0:-

This is the very first version of ASP.NET introduced in 2002. The 1st version was introduced along with Visual It was based on object-oriented programming and supported inheritance, polymorphism and others, type safety, and DLL Class Libraries. These class libraries helped in building more robust web applications with more features than simple HTML rendering.

  • NET 1.1:-

The second version was introduced in 2003. This release was primarily targeted for support for ODBC and the database. This feature was used by mobile application developers for better web rendering. Another feature introduced with this release was automatic input validation. One of the main features of the ASP.NET framework is the security it provides. Any site in ASP.NET has security aspects as Authentication, Authorization, Confidentiality, and Integrity. The use of authentication is the process of checking if the user can access the web page while authorization is the process of defining which parts of the web page, the user can access. This authentication in ASP.NET can be done in four ways and Custom Authentication.

  • NET 2.0:-

The third release introduced in 2005 was a significant development in previous versions with many new features. In ASP.NET 2005, there can be different data controls like Grid View, Form View, and Details View plus navigation controls. This release also introduced Master Pages, Themes, skins, web parts, and many more. It also supported 64-bit processors and full pre-compilation.

  • NET 3.0:-

The ASP.NET 3.0 was released in the year 2006, with very important features as the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Workflow Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation using which ASP.NET websites can be hosted, and Windows CardSpace, which uses APS.NET for login roles.

  • NET 3.5:-

The 3.5 version was released with Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008. This version came with support for LINQ and inbuilt ASP.NET AJAX. It also included more intuitive data controls such as ListView, Data Pager, etc. This version was used many to improve the user experience.

  • NET 3.5 Service Pack 1:-

The Visual Studio 2008 Service Pack 1 included this release. The significant feature included support for maintaining browser history in a website developed using the ASP.NET AJAX application. Also, it included a feature of combining multiple JavaScript files into one for the sake of easier download.

  • NET 4.0:-

Introduced in 2010, it includes features like Meta Data and Meta Description added in the Page Class of the aspx page, which helps in improving the search of your website on the internet making it SEO friendly. This version also introduced the parallel extensions to support parallel computing used in multi-core distributed systems.

  • NET 4.5:-

The ASP.NET 4.5 version was shipped with Visual Studio 2012 version. It has some very exciting versions making the developed websites more scalable and faster with innovative data controls and easy-to-use validations.

  • NET 4.5.1:-

The visible studio 2008 carrier p.C. 1 protected this release. The sizeable feature protected aid for retaining browser records in a website advanced the use of the asp.Net ajax software. Additionally, it protected a feature of combining a couple of javascript documents into one for the sake of a less complicated download.

  • NET 4.6

Introduced with the visible studio 2015 it has entity framework model 7. This model presents http/2 assist while walking on home windows 10. It additionally gives API with async calls making it thread-secure. Http/2 is a chief alternate release over the usual HTTP protocol used in the international huge net. The modifications in internet APIs also make this launch greater thrilling and are used till now by using the builders. The culture info.Current culture and culture info. The current cultural properties of the Thread class can be examined and written as nicely.

  • NET 4.7:-

Shipped in the year 2017, it provides support for TLS protocols, it also included windows 10 update. The TLS (Transport Layer Security) protocols primarily provide privacy and data integrity between the communicating parties. Many applications such as Web Browsing, Instant Messaging, Voice Over IP use the TLS protocol service.

  • NET 4.7.1:-

This version was shipped with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. The main feature of this release was the support for the SHA -2 (Secure Hash Algorithm). With support for TLS in version 4.7 and SHA-2 in version 4.8, the web applications now become more secure as they use cryptographic Hash Functions in data encryption.

  • NET 4.8:-

The 4. Eight models of the ASP.NET is the modern-day version of the framework launched in 2019. This version blanketed upgrades over jit and NGEN compilers. This release presents enhancements for WCF offerings, also large improvements over the web bureaucracy, and automation upgrades for WPF. This version offers aid for updates in the ZLIB, a facts compression library. Asp.Net four.8 presents inbuilt features for compression and decompression of the files.

Models of ASP.NET Versions:-

Some of the models supported by ASP.NET are:

  1. NET Web Forms: This is a framework for building modular web pages, UI for these pages is processed at the server-side.
  2. NET MVC: Helps in building web pages using a model–view–controller design pattern.
  3. NET Web Pages: This is the framework that adds dynamic code and data access logic directly inside the HTML tags.
  4. NET Web API: Introduced to build web API using the .NET framework.

ASP NET Versions
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