Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 8, 2022
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Sagar Rabidas

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In this blog, we will discuss Cyber Forensics

Cyber Forensics:-

The system of accumulating and documenting evidence from a laptop or a computing tool in a shape presentable to the courtroom by using applying the techniques of investigation and evaluation is known as cyber forensics. Cyber forensics is also referred to as computer forensics. Cyber forensics aims to decide who's accountable for what precisely took place at the pc whilst documenting the evidence and acting a right investigation. The storage media of the device underneath investigation is made right into a digital copy by way of the investigators and the research is carried out on the virtual copy even as ensuring the tool under research isn't always infected accidentally.

Need for Cyber Forensics

Cyber forensics is needed for the investigation of crime and law enforcement. There are cases like hacking and denial of provider attacks wherein the computer device is the crime scene. The evidence of the crime will be present inside the laptop machine. The proofs may be surfing history, emails, documents, and many others. These proofs at the computer system by myself may be used as proof within the court docket of regulation to type out allegations or to guard innocent people against costs.

Cyber Forensics Experts Work:-

Let us now discuss the 7 steps how does it work.

  1. Copying the hard drive of the system under investigation: Copying or imaging the hard power way makes a duplicate of the documents and folders gift on the tough power. The duplicate of the power is created on every other pressure-by means of copying each little bit of information on the drive from the gadget underneath research.
  2. Verification of the copied data: After the data is copied from the hard drive of the system under investigation to another hard drive, the forensic experts make sure if the copied data is the same as the original data.
  3. Ensuring the copied data is forensically sound: Based totally on the working system used inside the computer, the information written to the hard force is in a format compatible with the running system. Hence the forensic experts have to ensure the information at the same time as being copied from the drive of the gadget beneath investigation into another force isn't altered in any way. This is, the facts are copied by the use of a write-blocking tool in a forensically sound manner.
  4. Deleted files recovery: The files deleted using the consumer on the computer can be recovered with the aid of forensic professionals. The files aren't deleted permanently with the aid of the computer and forensic experts understand a way to get better the deleted documents.
  5. Finding data in free space: The running gadget sees the loose area inside the difficult drive as an area available to shop the brand new files and folders however temporary files and documents that have been deleted years ago are stored here till the time new information is written into the unfastened area. Forensic specialists search thru this free space to recreate those documents.
  6. Performing keyword search: Forensic experts employ software programs that may undergo the entire information for the given keywords and output the applicable statistics.
  7. The technical report: The technical report must be an easy-to-understand document for anyone irrespective of the background. It should mainly focus on what is the offense, who is the offender and how did he commit the crime along with all the technicalities.


Below are some of the advantages given.

  • Similar types of data and relevant data can be compared from different source systems to get a complete understanding of the scenario.
  • Those data over a relevant period can be made trending using cyber forensics.
  • The entire data can be scanned to identify and extract specific risks for future analysis.
  • The efficiency of the control environment and policies can be tested by determining the attributes that violate the rules.
  • It is used to set the trends of identification which the company people, consultants, and forensic analysts are not aware of.

Skills Required

Following are some of the most skills one needs to learn.

  1. Technical Aptitude: It is based on technology. Hence knowledge of various technologies, computers, mobile phones, network hacks, security breaches, etc. is essential.
  2. Attention to detail: A forensic investigator needs to pay a great deal of attention to detail to examine a large amount of data to identify proofs.
  3. Knowledge about law and criminal investigation: A forensic investigator must know criminal laws, a criminal investigation, white-collar crime, etc. as much as he understands technology.
  4. Good communication skills: A forensic investigator must be able to analyze and explain technical information in detail to others in the organization or the court as part of a case.
  5. Understanding of cyber security basics: Cyber security and cyber forensics are closely related fields and a strong foundation of cybersecurity helps in making a good career in cyber forensics.
  6. Analytical Skills: Forensic experts need to have a good analytical understanding to analyze proofs, understand patterns, interpret data and then solve crimes.
  7. Urge to learn: The field of cyber forensics is constantly changing, and the forensic aspirants must be enthusiastic to learn about emerging trends.
  8. Enthusiasm to work with challenges: The crime investigations about law and order often consist of disturbing contents and events. The forensic aspirants must be able to work in such a challenging environment
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Cyber Forensics
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