Features of C++

Features of C++
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 25, 2022
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Today we will discuss features of C++.


C++ is a programming language evolved at bell labs using Bjarne Stroustrup in 1979. C++ is a combination of low-degree and high-level language features. That’s why it’s an intermediate-degree language. C++ is originated from the c programming language. The maximum crucial c++ is an object-oriented programming language that comes at the side of beneficial capabilities that help in developing excessive-performance packages. C++ is used to reduce the overall development cost of the tasks due to its exceptional functions. C++ could be very easy to analyze and is similar to c and java. Because of its portability programs developed can be run on more than one system.

Top 11 Features of C++

Here is the list of most important features in C++ that can be used to developed high-performing applications:

  • Simple

C++ is one of the most-simple languages when it comes to programming. It is also easy to understand and learn as it originated from the C programming language. C++ follows the bottom-up approach for any kind of project development that helps in breaking down big tasks into a chunk of tasks.

  • Object-Oriented Programming

One of the most important features because of which C++ got famous. Everything is treated as objects in C++ that’s why it is called object-oriented programming. Objects are used for performing all kinds of functionalities. It has various features like Polymorphism and Inheritance which aim to bind function and data together in a single unit to make applications secure and efficient.

  • Portability

C++ is not platform independent but we can say it is portable enough to run on different machines by adding some or no changes at all. On different operating systems you can run the same code. Write code for one time and use it every time you need that particular functionality. We can’t say that it’s completely platform-independent. So don’t confuse C++ with Java because Java is completely platform-independent. For example, you have written code in Linux but want to run in Windows so C++ code will run on both without any hindrance! Simple and straight.

  • Mid-Level Programming Language

C++ programming language is a collection of special features of low-level languages and high-level languages. It can be used to develop applications based on the required level of programing language that is low or high.

  • Rich Library

C++ library is full of in-built functions that save a huge amount of time in the software development process. As it contains almost all kinds of functionality a programmer can need in the development process. Hence saving time and increasing development speed.

  • ase Sensitive

As C++ is originated from C, it is also purely CASE sensitive which means lowercase and uppercase characters written in code will have completely different meanings and will be treated differently.

  • Compiler-Based

As no interpretation is done in C++ code it is considered to be a compiler-based language that makes it faster than other programming languages like Java, etc. Without compilation, you can’t execute any C++ code.

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation

Due to pointer support in the C++ language. Memory allocation can be easily done dynamically rather than static. Can free memory anytime by using the free() function.

  • Recursion

Due to code reusability features, we can call any function within a function saving memory space by not writing the same code again and again. Code reusability is there for every function.

  • Fast

As compared to other programming languages. The execution time and Compilation time of a code written in the C++ language are faster than any other programming language.

  • Pointers

As we all know pointers hold the address of another variable and we can access the address of any variable using concept or pointers which increases performance. C++ also provides the use of pointers in the software development process.

Advantages of C++

Below each advantage proves the stability and efficiency of the C++ programming language:

C++ is an object-oriented language rather than a procedural language. There are features of C++ that make it faster and more powerful than any other programming language. Machine learning with the C++ library is also one of the best advantages of using C++ as a programming language for the development process.

  • Speed

C++ is known for its faster speed than any other programming language. Running multiple codes parallel is one of the best supports it provides that directly helps in faster execution. Provide the best performance even when the server is going through a high load.

  • Hardware-Based

When software is closely coupled with hardware and some low-level support is needed at the software level. C++ provides that support because it is closer to hardware as compared to any other programming language.

  • Functionality

C++ features like Inheritance, Encapsulation, Abstraction makes it helpful for programmers in the software development process. These advantages combined to give an outstanding and efficient product. Efficiency is always more in C++.C++ supports Operator Overloading and allows user-defined operators along with function overloading.

  • Paradigm

C++ program uses multi-paradigm programming, Paradigm means the style of programming, paradigm concerned about the logic, the structure, and procedure of program, C++ program is multi-paradigm means it follows three paradigm Generic, Imperative, Object-Oriented.

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Features of C++
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