Features of JavaScript

Features of JavaScript
Written by Sagar RabidasMarch 11, 2022
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Today we will start the discussion with Features of JavaScript.

Features of JavaScript:-

Java script was developed via Brendan Eich in Netscape in 1995 for coding in net pages allowing the logical operation to the client area. Javascript is specifically a customer area script language. This item-focused script language is maximum commonly used for designing net pages which can be a standalone language evolved in Netscape. It offers the consumer extra manipulate over the browser with capability in the advent of new capabilities in scripts. This scripting language functions case-touchy enter with the detection of the user’s browser and running gadget. Javascript is more often than not used by validation in customer edge technology.

The following are more characteristics of JavaScript:

  1. Object-Centered Script Language
  2. Client edge Technology
  3. Validation of User’s Input
  4. Else and If Statement
  5. Interpreter Centered
  6. Ability to perform In Built Function
  7. Case Sensitive format
  8. Light Weight and delicate
  9. Statements Looping
  10. Handling Events
  • The Statement Control Syntax system of JavaScript may be very just like assertion manipulate syntax utilized in c program language period. JavaScript allows greater abilities to carry out as HTML is handiest capable of designing websites and incapable of performing logic operations like circumstance checking, statements looping (while & for), assertion selection making (else and if) at patron area, and adding numbers.
  • Javascript is incapable of acting these features which results in our want for javascript to execute these operations over the patron side. This scripting language can help to construct extra interactive websites, broaden inbuilt clocks, light patron edge packages, construct windows popups with special conversation containers like alerting conversation boxes, confirmation dialog containers, and set-off dialog options.
  • Nowadays many web-based giants are using the technology of Java Script like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Gmail and google maps, and so on. The JavaScript capabilities enterprise-level pop-down menus, establishing, and closure of new window, manipulation of HTML layers, interface enhancement of HTML, adding animation essentials within the page, including dynamic look in files of HTML, and solving of problems associated with browsers.
  • The validation of facts input inside HTML form facts which are being despatched to the server may be carried out by the use of javascript. Users can also carry out manipulation of information for layers of HTML like transferring capability, hiding, trading in the interface of HTML codes, and writing them one after the other are some tremendous capabilities of JavaScript.

JavaScript Features:-

Now let us see the features of JavaScript in detail:

Object-Centered Script Language

Object Centered Language features built in the object as Java Script has a window object. A few commonplace examples of item-focused languages are javascript and visual basic and so on. Object-focused languages are in most cases used for functions like polymorphism which is a great of taking an item in lots of forms. Use of polymorphism within object-orientated programming requires whenever we use it to represent reference of the discern magnificence to an item of a toddler magnificence.

Client Edge Technology

The client is a term used for net browser in respective of person. The data at the server gets uploaded through a patron which is later utilized by a consumer within the rendered form. The user receives gets admission to the customer via a web browser for surfing and interacting through websites. The client aspect era in JavaScript allows the purchaser to have complete manipulate over the content material that's being updated in servers.

Validation of User’s Input

Validation of User’s Input is most commonly known as form validation, it allows users to interact with clients through filling forms through web pages. The details in the form need to be correctly filled where form validation helps the client to validate the details entered by the user.

Else and IF Statement

IF and Else Statements are used to perform logical operations.

Interpreter Centered

Java Script is built with Interpreter Centered which allows the user to get the output without the use of a Compiler. That means the input performed by the user gets rendered directly without the compiling of codes.

Ability to Perform In Build Function

Java Script has many In-Built Functions like isNAN (), Number (), parseFloat () and parseInt () etc. isNAN () Function is used to identify that input object is correct number format. parseFloat () function is used in the conversion of the object into a number. parseInt () Function is used to analyze strings.

Case Sensitive Format

The codes written in Java Script are Case Sensitive which explains that there will be no difference in the output whether the codes are written in Upper Case or Lower Case Format.

Light Weight and delicate

Java Script Features Light Weight and delicate and codes written in JavaScript don’t include variables and use only objects to perform the operations.

Statements Looping

The statement looping is used to perform the same operations repeatedly. In this operation the same set of code run in a repeated manner for a specific or unspecific set of time.

Handling Events

The Java Script can control operations updated on servers. This is controlling the response on the website when the user tries to perform any operation the server handled by the client like clicking on links and options, interaction response over the website, etc.

Java Script Comments:-

This helps understand the purpose of code, Comments will not be displayed in the output rendered by JavaScript.

There are two types of Java Script Comments:

  • Comments are written under Single Line
  • Comments are written under Multi-Line
Comments Written under Single Line

These Comments can be identified using double forward Slashes.

An example of Comments written under Single Line is:

//  This is how we write comments is single line
document.write ( “HTML and JavaScript” );


HTML and JavaScript

Comments Written under Multi-Line

These Comments can be identified with a structure that starts with a forwarding slash and asterisk and ends with an asterisk and forward slash.

Example of Comments written under Multi-Line:

/* This is how we write comments in Multi-Line /*
Document.write ( “Features of JavaScript” );


Features of Java Script

Limitations of Java Script

  • Reading and Writing Capability on client edge is not available in Java Script.
  • Performing Functioning with Network Programs is not available in Java Script.

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