Top 6 Hibernate Versions

Top 6 Hibernate Versions
Written by Sagar RabidasFebruary 14, 2022
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In this blog, we will discuss the Top 6 Hibernate Versions

Hibernate Versions

Hibernate is the object-relational mapping framework that allows mapping an object-orientated domain version to a relational database. The first model of hibernating changed into evolved in 2001 cirus technologies via Gavin king to offer extra continual potential than those of ejb2. Later diverse hibernate variations have been released with adding extra functions. Hibernate 2 changed into released via adding extra capabilities to the first model. Later 3.0 or 3 series were released with new functions of interceptors, filters, and JPA specifications. Hibernate 4.0 and/or 4 collections released with functions like multi-tenancy, advanced session control, JPA 2.1 specification, and much greater. With hibernate 5.0 and the higher version released with bootstrapping, entity graph functionalities, assist with present-day java variations, and lots more.

Top 6 Hibernate Versions

Following are the different versions of hibernating.

Hibernate 3.0:-

It was developed to support the java 1.5 version with full-featured query facilities and enhanced EJB3 persistence.

Features of Hibernate 3:

  • Provided API with enhanced Hibernate query criteria and support for the queries expressed in the Native SQL dialects of the database.
  • Added filters while working with temporal or regional data.
  • Enhanced query API which supports projection and subselects.
  • Runtime performance monitoring is added with the help of JMX or Local java APIs.
  • Dual-layered architecture helps in working with clustered architecture.
  • Automatic key generation- hibernate automatically generates primary keys for tables.
  • Inbuilt functionality of OOPs concepts.
  • Hibernate 3 works with JDK 1.3 and higher versions up to JDK 1.5.

Hibernate 4.0:-

Hibernate 4 was released in 2011 added with new features of multi-tenancy, service registry, SessionFactory clean-up, auto-discovery, full support of i18n, etc.

Features of Hibernate 4.0:

  • Multi-tenancy supports the separation of clients in big applications instead of shred space. Hence improved security and improved management.
  • An added feature of a new way of accessing Session Factory after combining existing services in the framework of a single record.
  • Adequate framework for OSGi Open Service Gateway Initiative platform that divides the classes into each package into three different categories – Public, Internal, and SPI.
  • Verifying dirty objects i.e. allows the user to specify when an object should be considered dirty.
  • Full support of i18n helps internationalization log messages using Jboss logging.
  • This version works on JDK 1.6 and JDBC4.
  • Introduction of new Service Registry.
  • Inbuilt cleanup code deprecated methods and interfaces.

Hibernate 4.3.0 with JPA:-

Hibernate ORM 4.0.3 comes with fully JPA 2.1 and this version can be used with JDK 7 based applications. This version certified version of full JPA 2.1 specifications. It supports stored procedures, batch updates, etc.

Features of Hibernate 4.3.0:

  • Added with the feature of a stored procedure.
  • Support to executing update and delete queries in type-safe Criteria helps in executing CriteriaUpdate and CriteriaDelete.
  • This version support attribute converters.
  • Dependency injection through Contexts of Dependency Injection.
  • Added with Entity Graph Support.
  • @ConstructorResult support was added for the result set mapping using native queries.
  • Support synchronization contexts through SynchronizationType.
  • Supports standardized schema generation.

Hibernate 5:-

It is one of the major updates in hibernate ORM fully supported features of the Java 8 version. This release has major important feature improvements in ORM. It provides persistent support to NoSQL databases, today NoSQL databases are used to handle large databases. This version best fits with the maven repository to handle Hibernate 5 library.

Features of Hibernate 5:

  • Bootstrap: This bootstrap comes with hibernate, this version new bootstrap mechanism of hibernating SessionFactory has been introduced with many advanced features.
  • Modularity: This version supports Wildfly and OSGi hence it helps in installing, activating, deactivating, uninstalling during runtime.
  • Added new features of Java 8 Date and Time API i.e. DATE, TIME, and TIMESTAMP.
  • Bytecode Augmentation: This includes smarter change detection, bidirectional database relationship Management, Enhanced dirty object checking.
  • Attribute Converter: With added naming strategy physical and implicit, Enums without @Enumerated, Invoked on null values, @ElementCollection, @MayKey, @GeneratedValues, etc.
  • OGM: Object /Grid Mapping- this is one of the major features added with Hibernate 5, OGM helps in the ability persistence to the NoSQL database this helps to interact with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis, etc…
  • Hibernate Search: Hibernate 5 comes with a full-text search by using Lucene 5.

Hibernate 5.3:-

Hibernate 5.3 is an upgraded version of 5.2 ORM. It comes with Hibernate Search 5.9. This version supports Java 8 and the latest versions and JPA 2.1 and the latest versions. Hibernate Search provides the functionality of a full-text search.

Features of Hibernate 5.3:

  • It supports the compatibility with hibernate ORM 5.2.
  • In this version bugs related to native query pagination and projection are fixed.
  • This is an upgraded version of Hibernate ORM 5.2 and Hibernate Search 5.9.
  • Compatible with Java 8 and the latest version, JPA 2.1 and Hibernate ORM 5.2, Hibernate search 5.9.
  • Hibernate OGM is also compatible with this version.
  • Improved Infinispan clustered counters are used for sequence generation in hibernate and this has been created during application start-up.
  • While using infinispan it takes a table name and column name.

Hibernate 5.4.0:-

This version was released in 2019. added two important features compared with the previous version.


  • This version is compatible with Java 8 and Java 11 and with JPA 2.2.
  • Added with new features of EntityGraph parsing functionality. This is the ability to create a graph with String representation.
  • EntityGraph Manipulation this functionality is mainly used for combining graphs.
  • Enhancement in bug fixes and Gradle Plugin.
  • Performance concerning JDK 13.
Hibernate Versions
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