Types of Computer Worms

Types of Computer Worms
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 10, 2022
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In this blog, we will discuss Types of Computer Worms.

Computer Worms:-

computer worms can be organized into types based on how they are distributed between computers. Types of worms are as follows:

  • Email Worms: Email Worms spread through malicious email as an attachment or a link to a malicious website.
  • Instant Messaging Worms: Instant Messaging Worms spread by sending links to the contact list of instant messaging applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, etc.
  • Internet Worms: Internet worm searches all available network resources using local operating system services and/or scans compromised computers over the Internet.
  • IRC Worms: IRC Worms spread through Internet Relay Chat (IRC) chat channels, sending infected files or links to infected websites.
  • File sharing Worms: File sharing Worms place a copy of them in a shared folder and distribute them via Peer To Peer network.

Computer Worm:-

  • Bandwidth is consumed and servers are overloaded that causing harm to the network.
  • Also rather than spreading and destroying the network, codes are written inside the worm so that the systems are destroyed with these codes. These codes steal data or create backdoors so that other systems can control the system.
  • The codes also called payloads to destroy the system in a way that the infected systems are used to spread spam and destroy the entire network.
  • Computer worms need no assistance and also they replicate by themselves.
  • The worms use the contacts of the infected system to send mails through which other systems are infected by opening those emails.
  • Once the mail is opened, the worm is downloaded and it does its work for some time without any further actions.
  • Only after the system is infected, the user will know about the worm.
  • Computer worms need not be attached to any software. They spread to other systems by all means.
  • Worms either modify or delete the files of the system thereby overloading the system and hence the network.
  • The worm creates space for a hacker to enter the system and destroy the entire network.
  • Computer worms destroy the data for years and are very malicious. Protecting our data from worms is very important.
  • Security features are mostly exploited by the worms.
  • Some worms also try to change the system settings.
  • Examples of worms include Morris Worm, Storm Worm, SQL Slammer, and so on.
  • Morris developed a few lines of code to know how vast the internet is but the codes had bugs that destroyed the host systems and caused damage worth millions.
  • Storm worm, as the name suggests sends mails of a news report regarding the storm. Once opened the system is affected and other contacts are also sent emails. This worm was created in 2007. Many believe that the systems are still affected by this worm which the user does not know.
  • SQL Slammer created many IP addresses that were not protected with any security. This worm affected many major websites and hence the vulnerabilities of the system were exposed.
  • Automatic updates should be done for all the applications to avoid potential attacks from worms.
  • Most worms are identified with the help of antiviruses but since many worms are created daily, some are not detected.
  • Stuxnet is a famous computer worm that was intended to destroy Iran’s nuclear plans.

Top 5 Types of Computer Worms

Computer worms are classified based on the way they are distributed in the systems. Some are explained below.

  • Email Worms:-

The email Worms is used as a patron via the malicious program. The mail has an infected link or attachment which as soon as opened downloads the worm. This malicious program searches the e-mail contacts of the infected system and sends hyperlinks so that the one's systems also are destroyed. Those worms have double extensions like mp4 or video extensions so that the person believes them to be media extensions. These worms do no longer have a downloadable link however a short link to open the equal. The link is clicked and the trojan horse is downloaded, it either deletes the information or modifies the identical and the community is destroyed. An example of an email trojan horse is the love you malicious program that infected computer systems in 2000.

  • Internet Worms:-

Internet Worms is used as a medium to look for different machines vulnerable and affecting them. Those systems in which the antiviruses aren't mounted are affected easily through these worms. Once the machines are located they may be infected and the equal procedure is commenced all once more in the one's systems. That is used to check the recent updates and security measures if the machine hasn’t mounted any. The bug spreads through the internet or nearby place community connections.

  • File-Sharing Network Worms:-

Whilst a file from an unknown source is downloaded, the report may additionally have a bug that locates a shared folder and destroys other files. Whilst every other gadget downloads a record from the identical community, the trojan horse locates that machine as well and is replicated. And the technique is repeated for all the systems within the network. Those worms are media or other extensions and therefore users can without difficulty download the same thinking that they're an extension of the documents. A malicious program ‘chatbot’ infected computer systems in 2004 through sharing documents. This malicious program has stolen non-public records which includes credit card info and destroyed many structures on an extraordinary scale.

  • Instant Message and Chat Room Worms:-

Those worms work as email worms because the contacts from chat rooms are taken and messages are despatched to those contacts. Once the touch accepts the invitation and opens the message or link, the system is infected. The worms have either links to open websites or attachments to download. These worms aren't as effective as other worms. Users can smash those worms by way of changing the password and deleting the messages.

  • IRC Worms:-

The application Internet Relay Chat was a messaging application that was a trend once. IRC worms worked in the way email and Instant Message worms and destroyed the systems in the contact list of IRC applications.

Once you feel that your system has a worm, it is very important to run a security scan and identify the same. Only the best antivirus software can help you with the same. The applications must be always updated to avoid vulnerabilities. Unknown links should be avoided by all means.

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