Uses of Angular JS

Uses of Angular JS
Written by Sagar RabidasJanuary 11, 2022
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Today in this blog, we will discuss Uses of Angular JS.

Uses of Angular JS:-

Angular js is a javascript-based open-supply the front-give up web application framework, maintained through google and via a network of individuals and companies to cope with most of the demanding situations encountered in growing single-page programs. Angular js isn't a programming language, but alternatively a javascript framework for unmarried-web page programs. With the aid of single-page software (spa) it manner that angular js is a powerful javascript framework for building dynamic web programs.

Angular JS:-

  • Angular JS was created in 2009 as a side project by two developers, Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons. The two had originally started the project to build an end-to-end tool that allowed web designers to interact with both the frontend and the backend.
  • It is written in JavaScript. The good thing and the reason for Angular to be popular in the market is that it has a set of ready-to-use modules to simplify the building of single-page applications.
  • Angular JS follows the MVC structure. We all know MVC stands for Model View Controller and is one of the popular software design patterns for developing web applications.

Now there comes a question that what is Model View and Controller represent in Angular JS.

  • Model− It is the lowest level of the pattern responsible for maintaining data.
  • Controller– It is the components and directives. We will discuss this in later sections.
  • View– The template (HTML) processed by Angular and the browser comes under the view.

Angular JS has many features that we are going to discuss later in the section. Out of its many features, features like data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code currently one has to write without using Angular JS and it all happens within the browser, which makes it an ideal partner with any server technology.

Features and uses of Angular JS:-

There are several benefits of using Angular JS. Please find the below sections, where Angular JS has been used widely and effectively. Below is the list of top uses:

  • Directives:-

Directives are markers on DOM elements (such as elements, attributes, CSS, and more). It has a set of built-in directives which offer functionality to your applications. We can also create our directives in Angular JS.

Some of the built-in directives are as follows:

ng-app, ng-init, ng-model.
  • Data-binding:-

It is the synchronization between the model and the view. ng-bind and ng-model directives provide the functionality of data-binding.

  • Scope:-

These are objects that refer to the model.

The scope is the binding part between the HTML (view) and the JavaScript (controller). It is an object with the available properties and methods and is available for both the view and the controller. So, in short, it is the connecting part between a controller and the view. A scope is used with $scope in Angular JS.

Note: if we make a controller and an argument to be passed, it is possible with a $scope. Then only the view (HTML) gets access to these properties.

  • Controller:-

The controllers control the data of Angular JS applications. Controllers are regular JavaScript Objects. applications of Angular JS are controlled by controllers. The controller is defined with ng-controller

  • Services:-

A service is a function, or object, that comes with Angular JS. We can also make out a service for the application of Angular JS. The scope of the service is limited to the application.

There are almost 30 inbuilt services available with Angular JS.

  • $location: It is nothing but an alternative to “widow. location” what we do in HTML.
  • $http: It requests the server, and lets the application handle the response.

Let’s move to another use:

  1. Filters: Filters are used in Angular JS to format data. We can also create our filters by registering a new filter factory function with your module. Followings are a few filters provided: currency, date, filter, JSON, limit, lowercase, number, orderBy, uppercase.
  2. Templates: It provides the viewer with information from the controller and model.
  3. Routing: It helps to switch views. In Angular JS application with ngRoute modules helps the application to switch to different pages without loading the entire application.
  4. Model View: As it is already explained above the Model is the lowest level of the pattern responsible for maintaining data and View represents the template (HTML) processed by the angular application and the browser.
  5. Deep Linking: It allows encoding the state of an application in the URL so that it can be bookmarked. The application can then be restored from the URL to the same state
  6. Dependency Injection: Dependency Injection is a software designing pattern which deals with how components get hold of their dependencies. In Angular JS, the injector subsystem is responsible for creating the component, resolving their dependencies, and providing the dependencies to other components as required.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Angular JS

Below are the advantages and disadvantages:


It has the following are the few advantages:

  1. Simple and Improved Design Architecture.
  2. DOM manipulation.
  3. Lesser code to write.
  4. Improve Development Efficiency.
  5. Code Reusability.
  6. A code is Unit Testable.
  7. Allow Dependency Injection.
  8. Two-way data binding.
  9. Ability to create custom directives.
  10. Provision for filters.


Following are the few disadvantages which one should keep in mind:

  1. Not Secure. Server-side authentication and authorization are required to keep the application secure.
  2. Not degradable. It means that if the JavaScript is disabled then the viewer will see the basic pages.
  3. JavaScript support is mandatory.
  4. Difficulty in learning.
Use of angularjs
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