Installation of Xamarin

Installation of Xamarin
Written by Shuvhojit DebDecember 18, 2021
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In this blog, we'll get to know how to install Xamarin on Windows and Android.


It’s impossible to ignore Xamarin when talking about the key approaches to mobile application development. Xamarin is a tool used for cross-platform mobile app development that allows engineers to share up to 90 percent of code across major platforms. Being a comparatively new tool, it is based on the Microsoft technology stack and already has a community of over 1.4 million developers.

The platform was built by the developers behind Mono, an open-source development platform based on the .NET Framework, led by Miguel de Icaza and first introduced in 2001. The Xamarin company was founded on May 16, 2011.

However, unlike its predecessor, Xamarin was created as a commercial project until the company was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. Xamarin became a popular cross-platform product for developing mobile apps within the Microsoft ecosystem. This acquisition broke the financial barrier for using Xamarin. As Microsoft made Xamarin SDK open-source, it became part of Xamarin Visual Studio Integrated Development Environment.


How to Install Xamarin on Windows

  1. Download Visual Studio 2019 from the Visual Studio site and source.
  2. Perform the installation steps by double-clicking.
  3. Then select Mobile development with .NET for installation on the opened page and start the installation process again.
  4. Select Install and click to begin the installation process.
  5. It takes a while to complete the installation process. After completing the installation process, select and launch to run it.
  6. After installing Visual Studio, it is time to add Xamarin to Visual Studio.
  7. After you install Xamarin, you can restart it, in which case Xamarin will be added to Visual Studio.
  8. To make sure whether Xamarin has been added to Visual Studio or not, you can click on the Help menu and see if Xamarin is installed or not.
  9. Another way to make sure whether Xamarin has been added to Visual Studio or not, can go to Help> About Microsoft Visual Studio and see Xamarin in the list of added programs.

After installing Xamarin, we need to add Xamarin.Ios to Visual Studio as well.

Set up Xamarin.Ios in Visual Studio

  1. To make Xamarin. Ios settings, you must install Visual Studio 2019 on your Windows system.
  2. Reinstall Xcode and Visual Studio on your Mac.

To be able to build and debug and sign iOS applications, Apple’s development tools (Xcode) and
Xamarin.Ios must be connected to the Mac build host configured via the Internet.

3. In the next step, you need to install Visual studio2019 on your Mac system.

For visual studio 2019 to be able to use the ios build tools to get help connecting to the Mac, connect
to both Mac and Windows systems over the network.

How to Install Xamarin. android on Windows

Today, with new updates to Xamarin and Visual Studio, Xamarin includes all the editions that previously existed in Visual Studio. Of course, all these editions are available at Xamarin at no cost and can be used. For this reason, you can use a visual studio installer to download and install xamarin. android tools, in this method, there is no need to download and install some licenses.

In this part of the Xamarin. android installation tutorial, you will learn the following:

  • How to determine the right place to store the Java development kit, Android SDK and Android NDK?
  • How to set up an Android device for troubleshooting and testing.
  • How to create and launch the first Xamarin. android project.

After following this tutorial, you will have Xamarin. android installed on your system that is ready to create your first project and you can easily create and launch your first project.

After installing Xamarin on Visual Studio, we have to adjust it. Install Xamarin according to the tutorials listed above and add it to Visual Studio.

Set Xamarin. android

Java Development Kit (JDK) and Android SDK are used to build applications in xamarin. android, which is used to build and create projects and applications in Android.

Android API level settings are used to find similarities between your application and different versions of Android. Android API levels that you select and use to build and create applications can require different Android SDKs. This means that the number of Android SDKs you have to install can vary depending on the Android API level you choose. If needed, you can also install emulator images inside the Android SDK through the Android SDK Manager. The access path to these Tools is> Android> Android SDK Manager.

Note that Visual Studio installs Google Android SDK Manager by default.

All versions of the Android SDK Tool package before version 25.2.3 can be installed using Google Android SDK Manager, but if you want to install higher versions, you must install the plugin called Xamarin Android SDK plugin on Visual Studio and add.

Install Xamarin
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