Data Protection Policy

Techiio value your trust that you laid on us with your information.

We are working hard with our responsibility to protect your information and provide a secure environment for you as our users.

Our privacy policy is designed to help you understand how we stockpile your information, why we do it and how you can update, manage, delete, and add your information.

How We Stockpile Your Information?

Techiio offers a number of services such as blogging, discussion threads, portfolios, and many more.

Our services help users learn and educate through their technical knowledge and opt for opportunities coming their way.

You can take advantage of our services in a number of ways by signing up as a user.

On signing as a user you provide us with your basic personal information such as name, family name, email address, contact number, country, city, address, postal code, link social media accounts such as Facebook, Skype, Github, Linkedin, Twitter, Education, Qualification, Work experience, when it comes to building your profile and portfolio.

Thus, we save only the information you provide us while signing up and using our services.

The addition of this information is completely flexible and depends on you how and what you want to add.

We promise to never share any of your personal information with third parties without your concern. Though it would be visible online and people will be allowed to contact you depending on your chosen privacy setting.

You are allowed to write blogs, start a discussion, and build a digital portfolio.

You can adjust your privacy by controlling the information you share with us and you share with the public.

You are allowed to customize the privacy setting and share the required amount of information you are interested in sharing.

What Information Do We Stockpile?

With an aim to provide a comfortable user experience we would like to share the information with you to help you understand everything clearly.

We collect the information that you provide us while signing up at Techiio apart from that the information that you add onto your portfolio.

Information such as name, family name, email address, contact number, country, city, address, postal code, link social media accounts such as Facebook, Skype, Github, Linkedin, Twitter, Education, Qualification, Work experience is stockpiled when you add it to your profile and portfolio with complete authority.

The blogs that you post on Techiio, the opinions, suggestions and information that you share through discussion threads are backed up with Techiio and also used for promotion purpose but not sold to any third party without your concern.

You have the authority to delete the content that you post on Techiio at any given point.

On deleting the content it is backed up for a few days and then deleted from Techiio thus, this process of removal of content may take some time to complete the process.

Why Do We Do So?

When you create an account on Techiio you trust us with your personal information such as email id, password, and other contact information we retain and use some information such as email id for sending future updates.

We also collect the content that you post with or through your blog, discussion threads, and portfolio such as text, images, videos, links etc this will help us in maintaining a good, healthy, and secure environment for our users.

We collect this data to provide you with better services and maintain, update, and improve our platform and services for providing a better experience.

We also use the contact information that you provide such as your email address and contact number to directly communicate and send you a notification, regarding our services, or if we find suitable offers and recommendation for you also if we find anything that is against our policy or any violating activity, we would contact you directly to avoid the misuse of the platform.

And we will inform you about the upcoming updates and services.

We also keep a record of any request or record of any complaint or issue raised from you or against you to solve any raised issue.

We use the collected information and content to understand your interests so as to provide relevant recommendations for a better experience.


Techiio is on the journey to build an ocean of technical knowledge, scouring the emerging stars in process and proffering them to the corporate world.

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