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General Questions

1. What is Techiio?
Techiio is a platform that purely focuses on technical knowledge and aim to provide different services which will benefit technology learners and professionals.
2. I am not from a technical background, can I still join Techiio?
Yes, Techiio is open to all only the thing is you cannot post anything apart from a technical topic. Regardless of your background, you are free to join and start your journey towards the technical world.
3. Can I write a non-technical blog on Techiio?
No, Techiio is purely focused on technical topics and no other blogs are allowed.
4. Can I post my blogs from other platforms at Techiio?
Yes, you can post any content that you own rights for. Techiio allows you to post content that the user holds legal rights on, as the user is completely responsible for the content they share. And we expect that the users won’t misuse the content and not post any content belonging to the third party without their consent.
5. Is Techiio secure?
Yes, Techiio has the privacy policy that ensures the security of your personal data that you share on Techiio. Techiio aims to provide a secure environment for the users and not misuse the data acquired.


6. I don’t have money, how do I get started?
Techiio comes with a moto to provide the value-adding services and hence is free for users and it will always be. So no need to worry about the money or charges enjoy the opportunities heading your way.
7. Why should I post on Techiio?
Techiio offers you an opportunity to share your technical blogs on a purely technical platform. At Techiio you need not worry about getting your blog unseen in some different or trending niche topics because Techiio is the new techie trend.
8. How many words should my blog contain?
There should be a minimum of 250 words but for a good blog the adequate number of words is considered as 500-1000.
9. Are the tags in title helpful in SEO?
Yes, when you select the tags you select keywords for which your blog will be ranking and showing up when searched. So basically the tags will help you with SEO organically.
10. There are so many blogs out there. How would I trend?
Techiio can surely assure you to provide a genuine audience who is interested in technical topics but the way to stand out in a crowd of knowledgeable people is good research, learning attitude and quality content and be true to yourself.
11. How should I get more likes/followers on my blog?
To get more likes/followers you need to grow your reach and to do so you will have to maintain the consistency of posts, the quality and engagement on the platform.
12. The topic I chose is already present on Techiio, Can I still write on it?
Yes, everyone has the freedom to choose the topic even if it already present, everyone has their own style of writing, expression of thoughts and their knowledge.
13. Can I write a non-technical blog on Techiio?
No, Techiio is purely focused on technical topics and no other blogs are allowed.

Discussion Threads

14. What is Techiio discussion threads?
Techiio brings the exclusive feature to fulfil your cravings for technical knowledge and opinions from the field experts. Here you can start a discussion or enter any and provide the appropriate answer to the questions.
15. Why should I get into discussion threads?
Discussion threads will primarily allow you to discuss on any technical topic. Discussion threads is a good option when it comes to express your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge in front of a worldwide audience.
16. How should I start a discussion thread on Techiio?
Techiio discussion threads work by the mutual participation of members. The users at Techiio ask and answer questions based on their knowledge and expertise.
17. Can I start a discussion thread?
Anyone on Techiio can start a discussion or enter an existing one. There is no such restriction. One can simply start the discussion by posting their question or doubt and get answered from existing users.
18. What is a good answer at discussion thread on Techiio? And is it beneficial?
The core value, mission, and aim of Techiio are to spread knowledge to a worldwide audience. A good and genuine answer would be helpful to the inquisitive person who asks the question and everyone who could raise a similar question in future.

Digital Portfolios(Digital Resume)

19. What is Techiio Digital Portfolio service?
Techiio comes with an exclusive feature which allows the user to create a digital portfolio with the available templates. The portfolio will allow the users to showcase their skills and knowledge and add their blogs to it which they can share with anyone to opt for genuine opportunities.
20. Do I have to pay for building my portfolio on Techiio?
No, All the services at Techiio are free of cost and users are allowed to build their visually appealing portfolio online for free at Techiio.
21. Can I use my digital portfolio on other platforms or share it?
Yes, the user can easily build their digital portfolio and share the links with anyone or at any platform for free.
22. Can I use my digital portfolio as my resume?
Yes, the portfolio templates are designed for multipurpose use and the user can use it as their resume. You can also add the link to their Techiio profile so the other party can easily read your blogs and see your activity on Techiio which will give them insights of your knowledge in the technical domain
23. Can I add my picture to the digital portfolio?
Yes, the templates come with various features and options to which you are allowed to add your image and further details.

Company Questions

24. Why do I register my company profile with Techiio?
Techiio company profile allows you to enable its numerous features such as blogs, discussion threads, profile and many more. Using Techiio, companies can start connecting & interacting with their employees and audience through a learning environment.
25. How can Techiio help my start-up/company with its products?
Techiio allows the companies and the users to communicate with each other in ahealthy manner and possibly build their network with people worth it.
26. How do I register my company at Techiio?
Techiio is easy to use and registering thecompany is very easy.To register the company, visit our website, - fill in the required details and tap on the register button to start using the platform and get the best out of it.
27. Does registering a company with Techiiocharge us any amount?
Registering a Company to use the featuressuch as blogpost, discussion board and profile with feed page, Space, Task management board, messaging is absolutely free at Techiio.
28. Are company employees allowed to use Techiio and add blogs & discussion board and other features?
Yes! The company can manage the employees and on-board them to use the Techiio products through their dashboard. Employees can read and post blogs according to the priority and also participate in discussions at discussion board. Employees can also use the messaging feature to coordinate with theircolleagues regarding their tasks & projects.
29. What details should be added to the company profile page at Techiio when registering?
Admin name, Company name, Email address, Country where the company operates, and Company logo. These are the essential details required to register and build a company page.
30. Can a company employee add anotheremployee to the company profile at Techiio?
No! Employees can be on boarded only through company dashboard by the adminwho has the access to it. Apart from that no other person can add or remove any employee.
31. Can employee make any changes in the company profile page through their account?
No! Only the admin having the access to dashboard can update or make changes inthe company profile page.
32. How to add employees on company page?
The admin has access to company dashboard through which they can add or remove employees. The admin need to add the email of the employee to be on boarded. An email of invitation will be sentto the employee on accepting the invite the employee will be allowed to use the accessible products for company users.
33. Can company admin restrict an employee from posting on Techiio?
Yes! Company profile allows employee management and thus admin can allow and restrict the employees from using the platform through the company page.
34. Can we remove the employee once on boarded?
Yes! Employees can be on boarded and removed from the company page at any given point of time.
35. How to remove the on boarded employees?
The admin can remove the on boarded employees at given point of time. The admin need to login to their admin dashboard and through manage employees, he can tap on remove employee by taping on “remove employee” in front of that particular employee’s email.
36. Can I re-add an employee after I had removed them once?
Yes! the admin has access to the followingand can re – add an employee anytime and remove accordingly.
37. What are company blogs?
Company blogs are present in either private form or public form. The company blogs are provided by the company or their employees for the audience present on techiio. This will help in building an bond or trust among the audience with company.
38. What is the difference between public and private company blogs & who is allowed to use it?
The private company blogs are restricted & are accessible only to the company’s on boarded employees and the on boarded blogs are accessible to the public and everyone on Techiio can get benefitted.
39. What is the Discussion board?
Discussion board is a panel of discussion for the company and their employees and management who can present their views,opinions or ask for an advice or so on. The discussion board would work as the open table to talk which will enable and encourage employees to participate and present their futuristic idea.
40. What is the feed page?
Feed page with company profile enables the audience to know about the activities and essential moves taken by the company and allow them to know more about the company. This would work as some real time updates for the audience by the company and also will allow people to get the authentic feedbacks for the services they are about to opt and also to select through the available options.
41. What is Techiio space?
Techiio provides space to companies for organizing and storing their data & files at one place which is easily accessible and allow hustle free access to docs and files all at once. Techiio space is an organizedspace which comes with lots of benefits.
42. Does Techiio charge for the space it provides?
No! Techiio does not charge for the space that it provides to enable hustle freeand organized handling of administration.
43. Is the space secure to use?
Yes! Techiio space is secure to use and does not misuse or perform any uncertain activities with regards to this.
44. What is Techiio’s Task Management Board?
Techiio task management board enablesa coordinated team environment. Through this task management board the on boarded employees are assigned task and can managed and reviewed on the basis oftheir activities marked onto the particular task. The employees can update the task stage according to their work done and it is easy to track and coordinate.
45. Is there any limitation on number of tasks assigned to the employees?
No there is no limitation on the number of tasks assigned to the employees.
46. Is there any restriction on addition of employees to the task management board?
No! there is no limitation on number of on boarded employees. Company can on board the required number of employees over any of their project and easily control, coordinate and stay updated with them from their point of tasks
47. Is Techiio messaging free to use or cost any additional charges?
Techiio messaging is free to use and costs no extra charges to company through Techiio

Techiio is on the journey to build an ocean of technical knowledge, scouring the emerging stars in process and proffering them to the corporate world.

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