How to write an awesome blog post in every step?

Do you want to learn how to write an awesome blog post, as a blogger you might be willing to pen down a piece of content that will drive audience and encourage them to appreciate the same?

Writing a blog post is not too hard, yet tricky and needs efforts and dedication. You might want to grab the audience's attention and provide them with value-adding content. Here we are to provide you with some quick and beneficial tips. This will help you in writing an awesome blog post. And drive the audience to your blog.

Here we have a string of tips to write the blogpost

    Choose Right Keywords

  • Keywords are the most important part of any blog or piece of content over the Internet.

  • Keyword research is the foremost step in content planning.

  • Use long-tail keywords and low difficulty keywords.

    Keyword Density

  • It is the number of times the keyword needs to be present in the blog or content.

  • A standard ratio of 3-4 keywords for every 100 words is considerable for a good blog.

    Keyword Stuffing

  • It is also known as webspam. It is all about adding too many keywords in a blog to rank the website.

  • To rank organically without disobeying the search engine guidelines it is better to avoid keyword stuffing.

    Research well on your topic

  • The topics especially technology-related needs to be written with more precision.

  • You need to research heavily for writing blogs on the technology-related topic as it includes more facts & principles and fewer perspectives and imaginations.

  • The topics especially technology-related needs to be written with more precision.

    Write attractive titles

  • Make your titles easy and compelling.

  • Add keywords to your title and subtitles as well.

  • Also, add the primary keywords to the title and subheadings alongside.

    Plan a proper content hierarchy

  • A proper content hierarchy means building the content framework in an organized manner.

  • The content must be in a flow. It should be relevant to the title, headings, and sub-heading.

  • Avoid hitting scattered content.

    Avoid thin content

    Thin content can be referred to any piece of content that makes less than 300 words. This type of content isn't value-adding and may affect the engagement of your blog. A good and engaging blog must consist of at least 500-600 words. Make it a detailed blog with enough information for the audience.

    Write digitally optimized content

  • Make the content plan in such that it includes headings, sub-headings, bullet points where ever required.

  • Avoid lengthy paragraphs and if possible write it in bullet points.

  • Write short sentences which are easy to read and meaningful.

    Be focused: One topic at once

  • Do not be too excited to over flood your blog with all your knowledge on multiple topics.

  • To retain the attention of the audience, make sure you are focused on your content.

  • Avoid mixing up the topics it makes the content distracting. Write on one single topic at once with enough content.

    Make use of graphics & multimedia

  • Add relevant images and infographics wherever necessary.

  • Animated infographics are trending today. Most of the technology topics can include animated infographics, these are very attractive and compelling. It will increase the amount of engagement of the audience

    Use media links or back/interlinks

  • Many times your content might need some media to make it more understandable such as videos or related blogs.

  • Adding videos in the blogs is not always possible

  • Add the links of the YouTube video to your blog as an addition.

  • If you have relevant blogs or interrelated topics to your content, you can add backlinks or interlink them.

  • Make sure you use quality backlinks which are verified and authorized. These are some important tips that you need to keep in mind while writing a blog post. Always write your blog post in a confident tone to satisfy your audience well with the content. Ignite the fire of knowlecce insice L,ou cnc feec the hunger of technologL lecrners

Ignite the fire of knowledge inside you and feed the hunger of technology learners


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