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The terms and conditions at Techiio is the agreement describing your commitment to abide by the Techiio’s policy. These terms gives us the right to keep an eye on your relevant and irrelevant activities in our site to take action further.

You are allowed to use Techiio only by accepting these terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions may change depending on the necessity of company. You will be informed in advance to avoid inconvenience.

Content Rights And Authority

You hold the right and authority on the content written and posted by you on Techiio.

By posting content to Techiio, you give us complete right to publish it on Techiio, including everything related to publishing it (like storing, displaying, reformatting, and distributing it).

On gaining access to use Techiio platform and services you grant us permission to consider your content and details for advertising and promotional activities for products and services at Techiio. We promise to avoid the misuse of your content and selling it to third parties without your permission.

You are responsible for the content you post on Techiio. Which means you gain the complete authority on the content and everything related to it may be the right of any other person on that content or claims related to it and its other legal rights.

The content by you on other platform can be posted on Techiio as long as you have the rights over it. By You’re responsible for the content you post. This means by posting the content you agree that this wont clash with any other contract made by you. Posting the content on Techiio gives complete glance on you as a representor with all rights observed. Any of the objectionable content can be removed from the platform for any given reason.

On the other hand you have complete right to delete any of your post or terminate the service and account at any given hour. Standard terms and duration will be applicable on the termination process but we assure to make it convenient for you. The termination of backup may take some time but misuse will be avoided.


Any issue with respect to the security concern can be reported directly to our team to get it resolved.


Techiio is strictly a platform for technical blogs, threads and portfolios. Irrelevant topics and posts could be suspended at any time.


Techiio is on the journey to build an ocean of technical knowledge, scouring the emerging stars in process and proffering them to the corporate world.

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