Started by Jhone ButtlerOct 29, 2021

Embed JavaScript game inside React Native app using Hermes


I might like to embed an html5 sport internal my react local app. This recreation is 99% javascript and a tiny little bit of HTML / CSS. It really works to embed the game the usage of react-local-webview, but the sport could be very gradual to load despite being a tiny recreation.

Hermes is lauded for its ability to load javascript very rapid and I'd consequently like to use it to embed my game. The game is absolutely stored locally so there may be no want for the webview element that takes a URL.

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Techiio-commentatorUtsab Das replied 3 months ago0 likes0 dislikes

Hermes is an open source JavaScript engine optimized for running React Native. It improves performance by decreasing memory utilization, reducing download size and decreasing the time it takes for the app to become usable or “time to interactive” (TTI).

Previously available only for Android, Hermes can now be used for React Native apps on iOS, too. Before switching an existing project to Hermes, you should upgrade it to use React Native 0.64 and make sure everything works as expected. After that, you can enable Hermes on iOS by setting hermes_enabled to true in your Podfile. On Android, you can enable Hermes by adding enableHermes: true to your android/app/build.gradle file.

Before moving your React Native app to Hermes you should also make sure all of your dependencies are compatible and that you do not use unsupported features. In this respect too, React Native 0.64 improves things by adding support for Proxy, which is required for compatibility with packages such as react-native-firebase and state management package mobx.

As a last note, Hermes releases are strictly tied to specific React Native versions, so you should always ensure to use matching versions.

Hopefully, you got your point.For more specific details you can follow the React Native documentation.Good luck 👍

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