Started by Allen ScottNov 3, 2021

Challenge to uniquely identify a computer from any of its browsers


In an html5 internet app, I am building a feature that is predicated on customer-to-patron communication (with pusher). It's made of Hypertext Preprocessor at the server-side and javascript with Vue on the patron side.

The typical situation is: a window popup is opened, and from there it communicates at once with some different home windows opened into every other browser at the identical pc. Shall we say you've got 2 browsers established, you open the internet app popup with firefox and it communicates with its net app sister web page you probably did open previously into chrome?

The best (half of-)way we've got found up to now is to apply the general public IP address to build a private channel named with the IP deal with… it is primary and efficient.

However, if there may be more than 1 computer linked to the same router, all of them will proportion the identical public IP, and that is where things come to be hard!

A solution might be to feature the PC's neighborhood IP to the channel name (that changed into already constructed with the general public IP), however, regardless of a few high-quality workarounds I found to get this info from an initiated rtc connection, this appears pretty unreliable and regularly goes towards browsers privacy guidelines…

Glaringly, I can not use session data with the personal home page at the server aspect, nor cookies / local garage on the customer-facet, as all those answers are tightly coupled with the browser itself (thank god chrome might not percentage its cookies with firefox for your laptop). Those answers would be best (and no want for a pusher) if we had been using 1 single browser, but we want to address multiple browsers at the same system.

That's in which I wonder if everybody might have already handled this design task and shared some hints, it'd be remarkable!

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